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  1. Can Piccam upload photos I’ve been tagged in on Facebook?

  2. Do I get free storage for inviting people to SharedPix?

  3. Existing users: What happens to my account after pricing?

  4. How do I know my photos and videos have finished uploading?

  5. How do I reset or change my password?

  6. How to back up your cloud data with Piccam Desktop

  7. How to backup and view videos

  8. How to backup Dropbox photos

  9. How to backup Facebook photos

  10. How to backup Instagram photos

  11. How to change your account information

  12. How to create custom photo Tags

  13. How to delete photos

  14. How to delete Tags

  15. How to delete your Piccam account

  16. How to download the Piccam Desktop

  17. How to earn free storage

  18. How to export and share multiple photos

  19. How to export and share photos from Piccam

  20. How to find your Account information

  21. How to find your Piccam email address

  22. How to forget your password and reset it

  23. How to free up storage on your phone with Piccam

  24. How to get Piccam for iPad

  25. How to import photos from your Mac

  26. How to install the Piccam app extension for iOS 8

  27. How to invite friends and share the app for 2 GB

  28. How to join SharedPix contests

  29. How to login to the Piccam Desktop

  30. How to manage your subscription account - Android

  31. How to manage your subscription account - iOS

  32. How to open Piccam in camera mode

  33. How to redeem an invitation code for 2 GB

  34. How to report bugs to Piccam

  35. How to set a secure pincode

  36. How to upload photos and videos / check permissions

  37. How to upload photos from a digital camera or SD card

  38. How to upload photos from iPhoto

  39. How to use EchoPix

  40. How to use private SharedPix™ photo albums

  41. How to use the "Clean My Phone" feature

  42. How to use the Piccam Desktop

  43. Learn more about your Piccam account

  44. Uploading mobile photos from your device

  45. What are Smart Tags?

  46. What happens if I didn’t enter my invitation code when I registered?

  47. What happens if my credit card is rejected?

  48. What happens to my photos and videos if I cancel my plan?

  49. What happens to my photos and videos if I run out of space?

  50. What is 'Background upload'?

  51. What is 'Upload with WiFi only'?

  52. What is SharedPix™?

  53. What is the Free account?

  54. What is the Piccam Desktop?

  55. What is the Unlimited account?

  56. When do I get my free storage for inviting friends?

  57. Why are my photos and videos blurry?

  58. Why are there duplicate photos from Instagram / Facebook?

  59. Why aren’t my most recent photos or videos uploading?

  60. Why is Piccam using storage on my phone?

  61. Why is the red notification badge stuck at 1?

  62. Why is there an arrow on some of my photos and videos?

  63. Why isn’t Piccam uploading all of my photos from Dropbox / Desktop?

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