What is SharedPix™?

SharedPix™ is a feature that allows you to create collaborative albums to share with friends and family. Anyone you invite to the album will be able to add their photos and videos, so you can all relive your experiences from every angle. Everyone will have full access to these memories to access at any time, and download back to their devices.

Here's a few ideas for albums to get started:

• Collaborate on the epic photos everyone took on a road trip
• Share baby photos privately with select family and friends
• Start an album during Friday's party and have friends add their photos
• Create an album of favorite dishes with other foodies

To start your first SharedPix™ album:

1. Select the SharedPix™ icon at the bottom right of your screen
2. Tap (+) to create a new SharedPix™ album. Give it a name and press OK.
3. Add your photos, and invite others to join!

Note: Friends and family you invite who do not already have a Piccam account will need to create one before being able to view your shared photos, videos and EchoPix.

Head here for more detailed instructions on creating and using SharedPix™ albums: How to use SharedPix™

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