How to upload photos from iPhoto

iPhoto has an exclusive system of storage and organization of pictures which protects other applications or users from modifying images, or the structure it uses. In order to upload / sync photos from iPhoto, you must find the folder that has the master or original photo files.

Note: Piccam Desktop Uploader will not modify your iPhoto folder structure or content, it will simply upload your photos to your Piccam account. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions for accessing these picture files:

1. Launch the Piccam Mac Desktop and click the add button (+)

2. In your Finder, go to Pictures - you will either see that the iPhoto Library is either greyed out, or find that you can't see it at all.

Note: If you do see the iPhoto Library, do not select it and click open. This will import ALL the iPhoto Library contents (including low-resolution duplicates and thumbnails used by the app). This will result in a very cluttered database in Piccam, full of unnecessary duplicates. 

3. Using the Search Bar in the Finder, search "Masters" if using iPhoto 9, or "Originals" if using iPhoto 8 (or previous versions). This will allow you to locate the folder inside iPhoto that holds all of your original pictures. 

4. Depending on your search options, you may immediately see "Masters" or "Originals" appear. If you do see it, please skip ahead to Step 8. If you do NOT see this file, please continue on to Step 5.

5. Click on the (+) plus button next to "Save" on the right side of the finder. This will reveal a menu bar. Select the first condition, "Kind," and look for "System Files" in the menu. If you do NOT see this, choose "Other."

6. Scroll down and look for "System Files" in the "Attribute" column. Click on the "In Menu" box to add a check mark and then click "OK."

7. Now that "System Files" is the first condition, change the second condition from "aren't included" to "are included."

8. The "Masters" or "Originals" folder will now appear automatically in your search results! Select the folder and click "Open."

9. Piccam will display your "Masters" or "Originals" folder in the display, and will start uploading these photos. 

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