Uploading mobile photos from your device

Uploading your mobile photos is a breeze!

1. Create a Piccam account 
2. After you sign in, tap "Allow" when Piccam asks if it can access your photos

Presto! Piccam will automatically start importing your photos and save them to the cloud

Depending on the amount of photos you have, they may not appear on your Timeline and Calendar immediately. Please give it a minute or two, and soon you'll be able to scroll down memory lane.

If you accidentally selected “Don’t Allow,” no worries! You can allow access easily from iPhone or Android:

For iPhone users...

1. Go to your iPhone Settings
2. Select Piccam or search for Piccam
3. Toggle the Photos switch ON for Piccam

For Android users...

1. Tap on your Profile photo, or pull from the left to open your side menu
2. Select “Settings” from the menu
3. Toggle the switch for “Allow Access to Gallery” to ON

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