How to import photos from your Mac

You can upload photos from your Mac and PC desktop computers easily with the Piccam Desktop tool. Using this tool, you can select folders of photos to import into your Piccam account.

To upload photos from your computers:

2. Double click on the icon, and accept the permission to install the Desktop.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen, and log into your Piccam account using your registered email and password.

5. Once you're in the Desktop , add photos to your Piccam account by clicking Add Folder. Choose the folder of photos you wish to upload and click OK. If you’re on a Mac - that’s it! PC users, please follow step 6.

Note: If you want to stop uploading photos from a particular folder, select it from the list within the Desktop Uploader and click Remove Folder.

6. When you're done, click Apply to save changes, and then OK to exit.

Your photos will now start uploading to your Piccam account, and will be available on your devices! Check your Tags to easily find your intelligently-tagged photos, marked “Mac” or “PC.” All of your photos from your computer will be easily found here.

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