How to use EchoPix

EchoPix are photos that are enhanced with the sound of your surroundings. You can take one EchoPix, or take a bunch of them to make a slideshow - it’s all stored directly into your account and not on your phone.

To take EchoPix with Piccam, first open up Piccam and go to the Camera mode, then swipe to EchoPix mode.

1. To start, tap on the white circle. This will take a photo and start recording sound.
2. If you want to create a slideshow, continue to tap on the plus sign in the white circle to take photos of your surroundings. The sound will continue to record as you take multiple photos.
3. To stop taking EchoPix, tap on the red glowing bar in the bottom right hand corner.

To play back your EchoPix, find them on your Timeline (or from your Calendar view), and tap on the white camera icon with the microphone inside of it!

Note: To easily locate all of the EchoPix you take with Piccam, head to your Tags

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