How to free up storage on your phone with Piccam

One of the best aspects about Piccam is that it can allow you to free up valuable storage space on your devices.

After you import the photos and videos from your Camera Roll and finish uploading them to the cloud, they're safe and sound in your own private vault, and you can delete the originals. Depending on the amount of media you have, this could free up a lot of GBs.
Here are two quick options that will help you achieve maximum storage-savings.

Option 1: Delete photos and videos directly from your phone

Go into your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery to select and delete media one-by-one. Let’s be honest, this isn’t exactly the most ideal method, but it is effective.

Option 2: Use Clean My Phone

Open your Piccam app menu and select "Clean My Phone" - this will scan your device to locate the photos and videos that have already been backed up to Piccam. Then, you can delete this media from your phone with just one tap!

Learn more: How to use Clean My Phone

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