How to report bugs to Piccam

Customer service is a top priority at Piccam - to make the process more streamlined for our customers and developers, you can track and report bugs directly within the app using Bug reporting mode!

These reports will be sent straight to our development team, and will make it easier for them to figure out the root of the issue and solve it more quickly.

To access and use the Bug reporting mode in Piccam, just follow these steps:

1. Tap on the profile avatar or pull from the left to open the menu
2. Select the "About" page, and then "Feedback"
3. Toggle the switch for Bug reporting mode to ON, and follow the instructions to recreate your bug  

4. Once you have reproduced your bug a few times in the app, go back to this page and select to "Send bug reports"
5. Briefly describe your bug or issue in the popup body, and Send!

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